ISMA Activities


The following are the main activities of ISMA:

1. Promoting the growth and development of the Salt Industry in India
2. Organising and/or actively participating in seminars, exhibitions, conferences, discourses and lectures that are academically conducive to the development of the Salt Industry.
3. Making representations to the Central and State Governments, officials at the District and Local levels and before other concerned Authorities on all matters affecting the production, trade, and commerce of Salt in India. 

4. Acting as an arbitrator in the settlement of trade-related disputes between Salt producers. 

5. Scouting for and registering a panel of experts and technocrats in salt on and extending their services for setting up/development of Salt manufacturing units, washing plants and refineries in India and abroad. 

6. Making efforts for spreading of knowledge on commercial, technical, and economic aspects related to Salt Industry and in the field of manufacture of by- products of salt.

7. Maintaining a library of books and other publications on salt and bye products and related matters for the benefit of its Members. 

8. Promoting and organising joint selling arrangements for exports of salt by its Members and also act as a canalising body. 

9. Providing statistical, technical and other information regarding Salt manufacture, trade and commerce. 

10. Publishing a monthly newsletter on salt and allied matters. 

11. ISMA’s members sit on different committees and advisory boards of the State and Central Government, working for the development of the Salt Industry in India. 

12. ISMA is affiliated to the Merchant Chambers of Commerce and other associations.

13. ISMA is affiliated to the Merchant Chambers of Commerce and other associations.